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Celestia Joann Potassium-Hydroxide
30 May 1987
Spin me around again and rub my eyes, this can't be happening~

<3 Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.
<3 Whoever comes is the right people.
<3 Whenever it starts is the right time.

A most auspicious evening should you be stalking someone’s Facebook profile! Amazingly unfortunate for you that it had to be mine, alas!

I may not conform to your idea of etiquette, to most real world applications of group-think or to some of our more widely accepted social norms. Accordingly, please don't allow yourself to over-assume my intentions unless you allow me to over-analyse you in return. It's generally better not to lump me in with everyone else in 'mainstream thought' because then I may easily offend all that you stand for. You will be buttraped.

Should I accept you in any sort of dignified relationship, be it platonic or amorous, you shall pardon that I require all the baggage that comes with it, luls. It goes without saying I make worse what information is withheld from me. It takes us but backwards and I am quite impatient with wasting time. I do all that I can to keep those around me happy- until you piss me off. I'm quite gullible and I don't particularly mind getting stepped on- but there's a limit to my obliviousness, okay?

Might I reiterate, anything I don't know can and will be used against you. Barriers deter and may you be reminded only once, should you keep such a façade up too long, I'm only ever around until no longer required.

As always, If it makes you happy and if you have been informed of both sides, understand the implications and are consciously aware of your decision, I'll accept (read: not 'agree') nothing less and nothing more.

What can I say, haters gon hate.