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Brenda Tomlin's Journal

Brenda Tomlin
3 July 1954
Big Time Coffee Junkie

I am married, and have been to the same man for 30yrs.I've got two children, and two grandchildren. I also live with a mixed group of cats and dogs even a snake or two now and then.
At home its crafts and computers, I belong to a game site
called Superdudes, and run virtual bar there called The Shack. One of my online hobbies is MANIPULATING IMAGES for my bar and making siggies and game cards for myself and other players.In recent times I began Playing Worlds End on facebook and couldn't be happier, in my Alliance there.

Due to arthritis in my hands I left the shop where I worked as a bench jeweler for 10yrs.
My music is the blues, but I listen to all sorts, an at the moment my fav song is The Joker and The Thief by Wolfmother, very far from the blues, LOL

And anything Asian! I wear salwar and kameeze when ever I can,(very flattering to my figure type) and so comfy. I cook Thai, Chinese, Indian, and American Asian Fusion. Which is not to say I don't cook just plain American also, LOL When buffalo go's on sale at the supermarket I'm first in line and not to brag but, my Beef Prime Rib blows the mind!

But mostly, I play with pictures, most found online, or sent to me, I claim no original content, and love to add text to the hard work of others, LOL