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Kaori Taylor's Journal

Kaori Taylor
11 May 1994
Heyhey :3
I'm Kiki~
I'm generally a nice person :3 I love Lolita and Hime Gyaru.
You can read more about me here:

I plan on getting back into horses soon. Before my break I would of counted myself as a half decent rider, but the loss of my pony was the breaking point for me to stop completely for a long time.
R.I.P Squeak

<3 Mochi 1st December 2011 Extreme VM Sooty Fawn Broken Mini Lop
<3 Miu 16th September 2011 Blue Beige Mini Lop
My little house bunnies :3 just two in the ever growing of collection of my Mini Lops!

I specialize in breeding Mini Lops in Dutch Split, Blue Eyed White, Tort, Chocolate Self, Lilac Self, Fox, Otter, Blue Self, Chinchilla, Mantle, Butterfly and Beige.
Plus there will be a new line of Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads joining us very soon!
You can see them all here!
or here

Please don't add me if I have no idea who you are, we've never met or we have nothing in common.

Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/mewtheunicorn
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kaoritaylor
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/kaoritaylorofficial
Skype: kaoritaylor
MSN: kaoritaylor@hotmail.co.uk
Email: kaoritaylor@hotmail.co.uk
Tumblr: http://kaoritaylor.tumblr.com/


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