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Sara Ou's Journal

Sara Ou
11 November 1991
average teenager whos an anime/cosplay/video game addict XD my life is pretty simple .... im a college student majoring in photography sooo ummm... yeah thats about it theres nothing else u really need to know about me ^^;;
I have a boyfriend we're high school sweethearts :)
oh and yes u pronounce my last name as the word "OW" not "OH" or "OO" dont go making fun of me for i will kill youuuu! I am a scorpio as a scorpio im very vengeful and unforgiving, so do try to get on my good side, because ill be a very good/loyal friend to you if you do

just to warn you: STAY.THE.FUCK.OUT.OF.MY.LOVE.LIFE.
my love life is no one's business but my own and my boyfriend's think im full of shit or im a bad person? too fucking bad. if you dont know me dont you dare judge me. go ruin someone else's love life


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