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Ace Darnell's Journal

Ace Darnell
17 March 1993
hello, just to said it once, i REALLy love dragons! i dra them since i'm a child (like ... 5 years old^^)
and i"m proud of it! è_é

i really love STaRGATE, (all the tv shows, but also the first movie by roland emmerich <3), doctor who (my preferate doctors? 10, 8, 9, and 11th !!! "allons y!!!" ). i enjoy SF, fantasy (the first 'dungeon and dragons by TSR, eragon by paolini, the books by E.E.Knight =) ) but also romance? (but not very :P )
If you want to find me on mmorpg, i'm on GF (grand fantasia FR) and my name is "Meraknyll" ^^ (why the french GF? because i'm french and i live in france! ^^ but as you see, i speak very well english :3

So, see you again on LJ !


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