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Neuro Nogami's Journal

Neuro Nogami
27 March 1989
I Exist.

I'm 22 years old, relatively quiet. I tend not to get out too much, and therefore, I can say with quite open honesty that I have very few friends, and my social skills are poor. All in all, I've been told I'm a very sweet, caring and likable person. I've also been told I'm a bit strange, but I suppose that that's never a bad thing. I tend to be very creative, enjoying writing, and drawing the best, though I do enjoy some photography. Music is essential to my existence, I literally think that if there were no music, I might actually die of boredom or misery. Music says what most people can't find the words to say, it explains feelings, when we, ourselves cannot. I'm currently working on a Horror novel, that I hope is taking a rather unique approach on the genre. Horror, while not my preferred genre, has been said to be where some of my best writing is, so I figured I'd start there and work towards something else.


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