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mrm1717's Journal

22 October
I'm someone who tries to be positive about most things which is why I say "when down, we get up, and have another go!". I'm not always a positive thinker though. When down, I sometimes need some thinking and re-evaluating time before taking the plunge again. I don't always feel courageous when I do. While I don't neccessarily like to talk about my age. I'm at a point in life where I feel that one is expected to have somewhat of a responsible grip on life. Often times I feel that I do not. I'm somewhat of a loner as I always have been so it's difficult to express what I really feel. My natural shyness doesn't help. Maybe because I'm single and have never been married that I don't hear that "second voice" to goad me along. I am a college graduate for many years now, but never followed in the path of that degree perhaps because I've never really known what it is that I really want. I moved from Texas to be in this Midwest State that I feel is better suited for me, but now I'm at a standstill as to where I want to go. If anyone want to follow me online please do, and offer any advice that you see fit, and as I see others with issues that I can help with--I hope. I will do the same. lol!


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