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Andreas Otto's Journal

Andreas Otto
13 November 1970
Cape Town, Western Cape
Join me in Castle Age

Join me in Mafia Wars

Not the froggiest idea what to write about myself. :P
Geek by trade and nature. Hardware specs available on request (or see my private photos)

Software specs, running a multi language platform that has been known to multi-task although this has never been tested to the fullest. Slight memory issue with names. Long term memory however works fine. Known to be cocky and cheeky at best of times. Limited multimedia restricts itself to movies, music, dancing when nudged to it, romantic ambiances, short day hikes, bikes, games, with expansions possible. Does not enjoy large crowds. Has avers reactions to arrogant, snooty and intolerant idiots. Puppies causes a system melt, inducing temporary gaga behavior. Come to think of it most dogs have this effect, except poodles and toy breeds. Easy to maintain. Responds very positively to female interaction, especially when adult entertainment is activated.


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