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Joe Nazzaro's Journal

Joe Nazzaro
22 January 1985
For we are always what our situations hand us; it's either sadness or euphoria.

People with hundreds of friends listed make me feel inadequate.

I'll fix your computer for $20.

If you are even remotely interested in playing a tabletop RPG, message me.

I love virtually any kind of game you can imagine - board games, computer / video games, card games, tabletop wargames (primarily Warhammer 40k, which I no longer have the cash for), pen & paper roleplaying games.

I'm also, as you might now be able to tell, a geek. I read incessently, including things that most people would consider stupendously boring - I giggled like a schoolgirl when I saw that the FBI had released the new nationwide crime statistics and promptly spent an hour and a half pouring over it. (And I'm not even particularly interested in crime.) When I was in highschool, I'd get bored and read ahead in the textbooks. (Oddly, this does not transfer into good study habits - I never study, which is something I'm trying to improve on.)

My most favorite movies are tragedies.

My personality oscillates between hopeless romanticism and bitter cynicism with little middle ground, though lately I've made forays into pure apathy and nihilism, neither of which are really to my taste.

I hate John Lennon's song Imagine with a startling ferocity. It describes a world in which, though there is nothing to kill or die for, there is also nothing worth killing or dying for. A world devoid of passion is not a world in which I'd wish to live.

I don't understand people who hate their parents. My parents are probably the coolest people I know. (Which may say something about the people I hang with - it's left as an exercise for the reader.)

I have three and a half million songs desperately trying to get out of my head. Unfortunately, I can't play piano very well, and I can't play guitar at all.


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