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Jacklyn Marshall's Journal

Jacklyn Marshall
1 December 1991
Pretty simple really. Im a major bookworm, like own over 1000 books kinda bookworms,lol. I like to paint, mostly just watercolor and acrylics cause im too chicken to try oils. hmmm...im also an anime fanatic. my walls are covered in posters, literally, and i am a collector of manga and DVD's. And im not ashamed to admit that i am a Yaoi Fan Girl. If you dont like that tough sh** and get lost. if you dont know what yaoi is, look it up. i can also sit up for 24 hrs straight watching some sappy asian drama and watch another right after. its an addiction i swear. Japan/Korea simply make better tv shows than America. i listen to Japanese rock, Korean rock, Country, and soft rock. My most recent fav movie is the Boondock Saints, if you havent seen it watch it. Epic movie. i live with 7 cats, 5 of them black cats. i only actually own two of them tho, Shadow and Naku (which means crybaby in Japanese). idk, im a shy person to begin with but when i get to know you, youll probably wished you hadnt met me sometimes, lol. ill drive you crazy. (PS: i also like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys :P)


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