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Charlotte Holder's Journal

Charlotte Holder
24 July 1981
I am crazily in <3 love and married to an AMAZING man & we are so blessed with two beautiful daughters. I am just happy to be here its really a very blessed life. I am so very happy with the life we have made together. I enjoy all kinds of books & <3 reading and I <3 LOVE <3 music! I <3 going 2 concerts, live misic, I like going to the movies just because its nice to remember what its like to be a teen again. I <3 going 2 the beach & walking hand n hand w/ my fabulously gorgeous husband & two wonderful girls, watching the sun cum up or it go dwn it doesn't matter, star gazing, I enjoy riding 4wheelers, going mudding, riding tha back roads,watching NFL and Nascar with the boyz & havin a few beers, road trips, and traveling everywhere I dont particularly care where as long as I can go, camping, canoeing, river floats, boating, tubing, swimming and spending time with family and friends cuz I have been blessed w/ the most A-Mazing Friends & Family on the planet, environment friendly, cooking & baking, sittin' on tha porch swing watchin' my kids play & drinking sweet iced tea w/ a lil bit of lemonade (1/2 & 1/2), hanging w/ tha girls sippin' on sum wine & going dancing , <3 2 dance! Grilling BBQ on weekends and just spending time with my children. And I absouletly Love <3 2 shop! I've been a lot of places & seen tons of things jus bcuz u've had a rough life or a crappy upbringing doesn't define who u r or how u turn out n life u can overcome anything if u believe n urself & work hard @ it nothing comes 4 free xcept 4 devine <3 & NEVER, EVER give up on ur dreams!!!!! And I kno where I come frm I don't try 2 4get it cuz I <3'd it, it makes me who I am 2day! Go ask sumbody! Did I mention I really <3 my family & friends :D I just <3 life n general! Piss in my cherrios & I'll piss in ur eye ;) I'm also jus a lil crazy, insecure, a dreamer & can b a lil wild on occasion but hey who isn't?! ;D