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Caroline Huang's Journal

Caroline Huang
2 September 1992
My name is Caroline, chinese = 黃佳雯

Here is about my hobby and activites~
I'm really easygoing, enjoy hang out with friends, dinner, And more~
I love Music, especially piano, but I'm not into Classic very much, I just love playing pop song with note partitur, because I can't improve notes from chords~ =目 
I love to dance, very much!!!
Love eating very much~!!! Really~ So, I always fail at my Diet Plan.
Love karaoke, singing, I want to learn ice skating, but no one teach me~ because my close friends can't do this.. poor me~
I'm Indonesian and Chinese native speaker. English is my 3rd language, and Japanese is my 4th language, I wanna learn Spain and France if I have more time,

I used to learn Guitar and Violin. But at last, I chose piano. Because Violin and guitar hurt my finger very much~! T^T orz

I will learn Architecture when University and I had already passed the test, although......... T^T Because my dad's job is civil engineering, so I thought I can help him for drawing.

I do driving car、 not motorbike、 I can't drive motorbike. My dad use car so I can't drive often. I haven't had a driven license but I'll test this year. I like pet、 but my dog had died when I was a child、 and it really made me sad、 so I had never bought a pet until now.

I'm a cat person、 and morning person. I love reading magazines and book but not comics or novels. I usually don't sleep too late.

Favorite places is Taiwan, Hong Kong and My hometown, Jakarta. I really enjoy this place and really make me feel comfortable. Hong Kong is my second home!! ,Taiwan is a place where full of memories, Indonesia?? I love Padang food!!!!! I wanna visit Japan sometimes!! I've never been gone there 'till now.. w And also Paris and Greece. A real fairy tale story place for me. Haha.. It just cool. Ehm, Macao!!! I only love the Venetian, Macau is not so fun according to me.

Okay, I think my self introducing is too long, so I stopped here~ XD

★don't ask me to introduce myself、 i don't like it★
★if I don't reply ur comment、 it mean I'm not in the right mood for doing this★
★don't send me any message without my permission (for stranger)★

OK. Let's be friend ●ω●
Oh, 1 more thing! I approve people friends request according to my mood~ XD


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