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Hosea Draco Douglas's Journal

Hosea Draco Douglas
8 October 1995
.: Hosea Draco Douglas
:: 10.08.95
:: OCHS Freshman
:: On cloud nine
:: Silent Poet
:: Rockstar / Rebel / Outcast
:: Black / Indian descent
:: Called ‘Prince’ by peers
:: An honest, modest man
:: Fallen for C.R.R. <3

+ I am a poet, an artist, and something of a black sheep from the crowd, from the family, from even my own racial sterotype. Like for example:

- Blacks like rap music, I love rock music.
- Blacks like fried chicken, I like burgers and pizza.
- Blacks are more physical, into money, cars, and sex. I'm more emotional than anything.

Yeah, I'm probably one of the whitest black people you may know.

+ I'm not one who labels myself under anything, because that's something people would do that draws attention to themselves. I wait for someone to notice me for the unique, complicated person I come to be.

+ I am fifteen years old, but I speak and think as if I'm twenty-two or maybe older. I'm very mature for my age, I'm told. I would find that pretty accurate. I'm shy, quiet, and very composed. I'm hard with trusting easily, but I am down-to-earth honest.

+ I am not exactly so much of a 'loner', as that's a degrading term. I think of it as being very independent. I don't intentionally isolate myself. I have a strong, strong dislike for isolation. It's just that I'm not the type that ordinarily asks for help. I help others and reason with people well, but I only call for help when in desperate times.

+ Most people may have their futures laid out and planned out. Not me. I just make it up as I go along. No need to set everything in stone. Circumstances could change.

If there's anything I'm missing, maybe just try and get to know me, see what you find out. ;)


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