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Jason Kenney's Journal

Jason Kenney
18 July 1982
I figure I should fill this out.
Let's see... I have 4 brothers born in '85 '87 '95 and '98
I remember the berlin wall falling down... back then the Soviet Union was obviously mordor, and the russians were fell servants of a dark lord. (I was in 2nd Grade. Mrs Tilton's class. Behviour was so good... we couldn't go to Plymouth Plantation)

Moved to Gloucester when I was 12. (Not sure if it was a good thing... all the girls there were for the most part hot... so rather distracting.) This is around the time I started reading epic fantasy (to the consternation of my english teachers)... and a lab partner in 8th grade science introduced me to Cronotrigger.
Got the "Most Stressed Out" award probably for taking way too many AP classes. (Though I remember a few others took more.)

Went to college, studied comp sci and creative writing. Also learned how much alcohol I can have while still being able to instruct my legs on how to properly and politely walk. (Left leg first is rude!). Discovered cell-phones, AIM, IRC, Anime, etc.

And now working in Boston as a Programmer, while attempting to write stories when I'm not crashed on bed sleeping.

Oh... and I have a cat.


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