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Robert W. Griswold's Journal

Robert W. Griswold
24 January 1983
Graduated from Fordham. Living at home on SI but in the city all the time. Feel free to say HI.


Going to Rome on January 13th! Staying there for a 7 Day tour of Italy's Great Cities.

The trip is mostly paid for by Kellogs. This goes to show you that entering contests you see and don't think anyone wins is not a bad idea.

While entering this contest Anthony told me I was wasting my time and sought to wager $20 on my winning the contest. I, of course, refused such a wager. I guess a $1500 travel gift certificate is good enough for me.


Ok, I'm back. Italy was AWESOME. I had tons of fun.

Unfortunately when I left the digital camera broke, so all my pics were taken on disposable cameras and thus were slightly low quality with an astounding number not coming out at all!

They would be scanned and put up already, but my scanner don't work. Hopefully soon.....


Ok, I been Working at Greico Financial Training Institute for a while. I was underpaid and over worked.

In a couple weeks I start at the Direct to Business at Met life, Making $7000 more a year, working less hours with better benefits and paid overtime. Cool beans.


Working at Met Life a while. It's so nice getting paid overtime. And my bosses tell me to leave more than they ask me to stay. Quite a change. And I got my cool new car. I'm glad I chose red over my other option (flint mica, aka grey) which doesn't look nearly as nice.

Christina moves into Stonybrook today and begins school the day after tomorrow.

Overall, things ain't bad.


Ok, it's been quite a while. I've recently begun law school at St. Johns. Lots of work, but it's all quite interesting. I haven't even found it particularly difficult to stay late and do work there.


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