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Sofia Violet Emilie Blackthorne
I'm the same person as sofiaviolet.livejournal.com, just primarily making use of Dreamwidth.

If this account has added you, it means that I am interested in reading your posts. I intend for this account to be my primary means of commenting.

If you would like to read my posts, they will appear at http://sofiaviolet.dreamwidth.org, and I will happily grant access to any account or openid which is not an obvious troll. Or you can use this Dreamwidth invite code to create an account.

If you would like to be notified about my posts on your LJ friendslist, then add sofiaviolet.livejournal.com. All public posts made to Dreamwidth will be crossposted to sofiaviolet.livejournal.com with comments disabled and a link to the original post on Dreamwidth.


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