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zlana's Journal

26 July 1982

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..hates filling in the About Me sections on profiles
..apologises too much, sorry about that
..sometimes decribes her religious views as Carlinist-Agnostic-Wiccan, but Unitarian-Universalist covers it too
..wants to meet new friends, especially locally (Framingham/Boston area)
..is trying to teach herself to sew
..wants to lose weight, but it's slow going because she refuses to eliminate tasty things from her diet
..is a complete DORK and proud of it
..is very into fashion, though it's completely of her own styling (but has punk, rave, and decora influences)
..loves art, and creating things, but feels very much in the shadow of her mother and sister
..is learning to exploe her own particular artistic talents anyhow, and is especially interested in collage and altered books
..has Seasonal Affective Disorder, Type Two Bipolar Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other things that make her cranky, but is finding medication-free ways to treat them
..is comfortable with her sexuality, and proud of this fact; and that doesn't make her a slut
..wonders sometimes just what she was up to when everyone else was getting the roadmap to life
..makes the best meatloaf you've ever had
..can't make the bed to save her life, but tries because she likes it when the bed is made
..has MAD coupon skills
..adores sparkly things, and owns two tiaras
..does not have a driver's license, know how to swim, or ride a bike
..is getting a little weirded out by talking about herself in the third person
..is having fun doing so nonetheless
..is a total media whore, loving books, movies, music, art, and so on - the more offbeat the better
..spends a lot of her time these days "working on herself" and trying to be her own therapist
..likes to laugh, and does her best to make others laugh as well
..hopes that you find her interesting, and not too scary, and that you'll maybe send her a message and get to know her
..has run out of things to say about herself in the third person
adult swim, altered books, animaniacs, appletinis, aria giovanni, arsenic and old lace, art, asimov, asofterworld, asperger's syndrome, australian shepards, babies, being a domestic goddess, bisexuality, board games, bookcrossing, bushisms, carlin commandments, cats, charlie chaplin, chicks in chainmail books, chip skylark, chocolate, chopping block, christine lavin, chuck palahniuk, cibo matto, clothes, clove cigarettes, coca-cola, coffee, collage, coupling, coupons, cram cream, crazy tv shows, dark humour, darkwing duck, decora, decos, digital poetry x, diy, dogs in the vineyard, domesticity, douglas adams, eddie izzard, eyepins, fairly oddparents, family guy, firefly, flea markets, folk rock, found objects, free speech, frugality, fruits fashion, futurama, game dynamics, geeks, glamour bombing, glitter, growing, hank azaria, having unusual interests, humans, imagination, increasing wonder, independence, individuality, jem and the holograms, jill sobule, joss whedon, kawaii, kevin smith movies, layers, learning new things, literotica, mac hall, mail art, making children smile, mechanical pencils, meeting new people, michael marshall smith, monty python, mystery men, naked lady parties, neon colors, optical illusions, ozy and millie, paradoxes, penpals, peter david, philosophy, plastic jewelry, polyamory, postal mail, psychology, queer eye, quirky fictional doctors, random quoting, reconstructed clothing, recursive science fiction, reel big fish, rugrats, samurai jack, sarcasm, scaring mundanes, sci fi cons, scott cunningham, scrubs, self-therapy, sensory processing disorder, sex and the city, shakespeare's comedies, shiny things, short stories, sidekicks, skirts, speaking my mind, spontaneity, star trek, strawberries, swapping stuff, the golden rule, the oblongs, themed mix cds, thrifting, tribe.net, unusual fashion trends, useless information