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Z/H Fic Relay

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The Zacharias/Harry Fiction Relay Community
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A bit ago erb_ wrote a Zacharias/Harry fanfic for a challenge issued by another community that included five keywords/ideas. spectacular got it into her head that they could bat fanfics back and forth under the same premise; five keywords or ideas and a couple of days to write it.

This is the community that will house the fics, so they're all in one place. Recently, prurient_badger and devkel have joined us! So hurrah!

Unless otherwise noted, each fic stands on its own and is in no way connected to any previous fics.

Notice: As of October 9th, there will be a week between each fic, rather than three days. We're only human.

Obligatory Disclaimer: All works of fiction here are based on the Harry Potter universe, created by J.K. Rowling. No profit is being made from this project, nor is any infringment of copyright intended.