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Madeline the Edifying
6 March 1895
When I look at people commenting on my friends' LJs and think, "Do I know that person?" I click their little head icon to see if there's any help in their user info. It occurs to me that I should offer the help I wish to receive.

Hi! I'm Madeline. I live in Oakland, California. About 10 years ago I moved here from Colorado, the Denver area, where I grew up. If you're on the Amberlist, you oughtta know me; if you've been to one of the Ambercons, like AmberCon Northwest, you may well know me.

Don't know me? Scan my interests list, read my journal, welcome and I'm sure that, be you an honorable fellow, we'll get along swimmingly.

If you already know that you know me, and you want to get in touch with me, send me email! Or leave a comment on my LJ, which amounts to about the same thing. The only time a phone call might get to me faster than email is on a weekend day... But almost always an email will get to me sooner.

But surely, you may think, the phone will ring and she'll pick it up! No. It lives in a purse or my coat pocket. If I miss the ring, I may not see it for half a day, whereas email gets checked every hour or so, at work or at home.

My email address is my last name at my domain name.

Useful link for reporting friending bots to LJ:

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