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So here we go - I don't know if this'll take off but I'm gonna give it a shot.

This Community is basically just for creative writers of all ages and of all standards. There will be writing challenges set periodically and I really hope everyone who posts will post up their own creative writing no matter what standard they think it's at or whether or not they like it.

Hmm - rules - okay.

If you read someone's creative writing, please comment on it - if you've taken the time to read it, you may as well add comment. But be kind. That doesn't exclude concrit - we should all take the concrit - but take into account different stages we're all at. Try to add helpful comments; that would be lovely. Do not be abusive. That's just plain mean.

What else...? Be impulsive! Post stuff, really do. But include ratings in case it has swearing or other stuff that people can get touchy about - I hope to get people of all ages on here one day so bear that in mind. If your writing deals with sensitive subjects or is just long (think 1000 words+) please be considerate and stick it behind a cut. It really isn't hard.

And no fanfiction. Sorry - I love fanfiction and write it a lot, which is irritating because it takes over a lot of the time, but this is strictly a no-fanfiction zone. If you've written a fanfic story that you desperately want to put up, try being cunning and changing the names and context and see if we notice...

Oh - and you should know I can be very spelling and grammar obsessed, even though I often screw it up myself a lot. I'm wonderfully hypocritical like that (I'll try and stop...) but please do try to keep your spelling and grammar correct here - although I totally understand the whole typos business, especially when you're posting late at night and all the coffee is no longer taking effect. And please, please, please - no text language!

Above all - write. If it's something that you love and if it's something that you really think you might be pretty good at - write. And post it up.

Writers of all ambitions, standards and ages are absolutely welcomed.