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Vette's Corner

20 June 1962
***** This is a "Friends Only" journal - if you want to friend me, I"ll friend you back. *****

I'm a "Gemini" married to an "Aries" living together with our two dogs who think they own us but let us think we are in charge. I'm living my life without a handbook and finding lot's of potholes on the road of life - (I still enjoy the journey though).

I love to read, write or see anything that has to do with Blade The Series and Joss Whedon's TV characters - Buffy, Spike or Angel.

I love doing manipulations and heavily post them to my journal. They are mostly adult homor so if you find this offensive then you've been warned.

Screen captures provided by Screencap Paradise, Buffy World, Screencappiness, Cyberpomo.com, Dusk Till Dawn Gallery, kissmedeadly.org and A Buffy screencap site. My thanks and appreciation go to these sites.

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