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The Pope

12 March 1985
I'm slowly but surely starting to mature and gather where my interests lie and what I want to do with my life.

Won't you follow me down the Rabbit Hole?

I also seems to have some pretty obscure musical, comedic, literary likes. . .
4-chan, a-team, ah-nold, alice in wonderland, alternate history, angry nintendo nerd, anime, anime conventions, astronomy, azu manga daioh, bad dudes, battle pope, battle royale, bibleman, blacula, bloodrayne, blue hair, boffer combat, booze, bruce campbell, buffy, c.j. henderson, captain america, charmed, comic book conventions, comic books, cosplay, darkstalkers, david the gnome, dead like me, dead@17, dr. doom, dr. strange, dr. who, dr. wily, dragonball z, eko eko azarak, evanescence, evil betty, extreme ghostbusters, fan movies, friday the 13th, fucking with people's heads, galactus, garth brooks, george carlin, ghost hunters, ghost world, ginger snaps, green power ranger, gullivers travels, guninness, harry potter, harry turtledove, haruhi suzumiya, heroclix, inspector gadget, jack daniels, james bond, jimmy buffet, johnny cash, joshiah, luna lovegood, magick, manos: hands of fate, megaman, mr. bean, mr. t, neon genesis evangelion, ninjas, nintendo, one piece, oz books, palpatine, popeye, psyche corporation, renaissance faires, rocky, rogue squadron, roleplay, sailor mercury, sailor moon, sarah vowell, science fiction, sexy torso power, shaq-fu, snakes on a plane, sonichu, soviet russia, space ghost, spaceballs, stanton friedman, star trek, star wars, star wars minis, street fighter, suicidegirls, super kung-fu jesus, super mario brothers, t.a.p.s., teen titans, tetris, thanos, the afterlife, the burger king, the donald, the paranormal, the pope, the sopranos, toys, u.f.o.s, uncle yo, v for vendetta, vader, vampires, violent japanese school girls, w.i.t.c.h., watchmen, weapon brown, wicked faire, wii, willow/tara, witches, x-men evolution, yoda, zombies