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Kniters Without Borders

The Harlotville Tsunami Aid Knit Swap
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This started at The Yarn Harlot's Blog. Right now we are helping Medecines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Boarders) help the tsunami victims. We are donating whatever we can afford to the MSF website (msf.org) and then reporting back to The Yarn Harlot (yarnharlot.ca/blog).
As of 1-05-05 we have raised $18,372 in about 2 days.
This community will be for people who have donated to exchange a knitted item with another person who donated. The items can serve as a rembrance of the tsunami and how the knitting community pulled together.

Once you have donated, come here!
Step One. Post your name, general location, what you are knitting and the fiber you are using. (The last is so we can all see!)
Step Two. Email ME your name, mailing address, and the approximate date you can mail your item (Important so that you can get a swap when you have one to swap) DONT MAIL YOUR ITEM TO ANYONE BUT YOUR ASSIGNED PERSON.

I will be making a database of everyone that replies. The swap will start as soon as people sign up and will go as long as people keep signing up! If you can't complete an item for a few weeks it is not a problem- I will match you with someone who also cant complete an item for a few weeks.

I will use the community for announcements but you may use it for anything related to tsunamis, MSF/DWB, knitting, swapping, Harlotville, or whatever. :D