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Write yourself an avenue of eternity

The drivels of an inked experiment

The smart mouth wench in the corner
OK, so we are now supposed to warn if our journals have adult content. Common sense there. Really. For the most part, mine won't, just because I am trying to watch my language for my kid's sake and I have no sex life whatsoever. When there is something explicit posted in my journal, I will warn in that post and put whatever behind a cut. Cussing set aside from that. I'm lazy, and I rant. But anything else will come with a warning. If you choose to click on it, don't blame me. Curiosity killed the cat, you know.

And do me a favor, drop me a comment if you add me. Just tell me that you're here and where you stumbled across my ravings. Please?

Jason Isaacs is Evil Love.

Snagged from isaacs_daily and made by cantusnoctum
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