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A Slash Odyssey

Troy Slash
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Troy Slash is a community dedicated to slashing the forthcoming film Troy and the works of Homer.

Slash fiction and art is our reason for being (well, our reason for being here, at least), so post your Homeric slash and femslash to the community, and use it to discuss other people’s work. Discussion of the slashy possibilities inherent within Troy, The Iliad, The Odyssey and related works, and Troy and Homer-related gossip and drooling are also considered 'on topic'. Troy Slash accepts and encourages fics of all ratings.

Troy Slash does, on occasion, contain adult material, and as such, in order to join you must be of legal age to view such material.

Fics should be slash or pre-slash, but stories with elements of het are accepted, just as long as they’re clearly labelled. Artwork does not need to be specifically slashy. Absolutely no chan/underage in any form.

Guidelines For Posting Fanfiction/Art

Please use the LJ-CUT tag when posting fics and pictures.
Please check spelling and grammar before posting fics.

The header for your fic or picture should be something like:

Pairing: (where appropriate)
Categories: (where appropriate. for instance - angst, drama, PWP, UST)
Warnings: (if necessary)
Summary: (where appropriate)
Author/artist comments: (if desired)
Disclaimer: (where appropriate)

Other Guidelines

No flaming.
Feel free to post requests for beta readers, etc.
Feedback is encouraged, but please be constructive.


For the moment, fics posted to Troy Slash are not archived elsewhere. However, if there is a demand for it, we can look into setting up a site to archive fics. Meanwhile, please check out the Troyslash Yahoo! Group.

If anyone has any questions about the guidelines for the Troy Slash community, please contact prozacpark at TroySlash-owner@yahoogroups.com.

Finally, Troy Slash aims to be a friendly, informal community, so respect one another and have fun!