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when people whisper it makes her nervous...

17 September
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literate and stylish, kissable and quiet..........and that's all you need to know
"where is my mind?", 311, 80s pop, 80s rock, adam horovitz, adam sandler, adrock, aerosmith, against me!, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, bam margera, bayside, ben kweller, black eyeliner, black flag, blink 182, brand new, bright eyes, cargo pants, cats, chapstick, cheeseburgers, cky, coldplay, concerts, conor oberst, cool hair, cursive, dashboard confessional, dave grohl, desaparecidos, e.t., emo, fall out boy, fight club, foo fighters, friends, further seems forever, glassjaw, guns n' roses, guys who can sing, guys who play instruments, hair dye, hot hot heat, jack kerouac, jake gyllenhaal, jay-z, jesse lacey, jimmy fallon, john mayer, kanye west, kevin smith movies, kissing, kurt cobain, le tigre, matchbook romance, michael ian black, minor threat, modest mouse, moneen, morrissey, mosh pits, moulin rouge, music, my chemical romance, naked lunch, new found glory, new york city, nirvana, nofx, ok go, old school, people who are crazy, people who are funny, pop rocks, posters, punk, radiohead, ramones, rancid, reality dating shows, rise against, root beer floats, rufio, ryan adams, saddle creek, sandals, saturday night live, saves the day, senses fail, shows, sneakers, something corporate, spin, stars, story of the year, straylight run, sublime, sum 41, taking back sunday, text messaging, the ataris, the beastie boys, the cheesecake factory, the cure, the darkness, the distillers, the early november, the get up kids, the jerry springer show, the mars volta, the pixies, the postal service, the smiths, the streets, the strokes, the used, thrice, thursday, toadies, tony hawk's underground, u2, viva la bam, watching people skateboard, weezer, writing, youth in revolt