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We're our own Biggest Fans

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The Originals
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This journal was created to facilitate communication between writers of Original Character Slash. What is Original Character Slash?

Original = Productive of new things or new ideas.

Character = A person portrayed in an artistic piece, such as a drama, novel or artwork.

Slash = Stories written about a pairing of the same gender (male/male, female/female, other/same-type-of-other).

Essentially, we're writing our own stories about our own characters and the boys are mostly interested in the boys, the girls are mostly interested in the girls and so on. For clarification, mixed threesomes and up will also be accepted provided at least two of the characters are of the same gender. If this bothers you, go elsewhere, and if you are underage in your country, please beware.

Any and all OS writers are free to join and converse here as they would, so long as we all follow a few simple guidelines.

Pimping is fine and encouraged, we always appreciate new OCS. Links to stories and snippets posted elsewhere is fine, we do ask that you do not post your stories directly in the community and that you restrict yourself to one pimping-post per week. And of course, any long or illustrated entries should be at least partially hidden behind a cut tag.

Whining and ranting about yourself is fine, doing so about others is rude and will get you a warning (banned if you decide to be persistent). General civility should roam free, so if you have an issue that needs to be addressed, just bring it to the moderator. If you choose to bypass this option and make a fuss on the community you will be asked to remove your post and possibly (shock-horror) apologize. Barring this, you could always leave or be removed.

Concerning Beta Readers: If you offer a link to a piece you're looking to have beta-read, that's fine. Asking in general for a beta is fine. Doing so repeatedly might start becoming obnoxious. And remember, giving a description of your story/what type of story you prefer to beta is likely to give you a better response!

New to the community? If you're not sure where to start, check out our optional Introduction Questions.

For the NaNoWriMo writers out there, there's another community out there just for you! So long as you're slashy. *grin* Go check out nanowrimo_slash if you're interested. But you can still post about NaNo here as well, of course.

Founded by billradish. Special thanks to manhattan for setting up the layout, providing the icon and enduring the start up nerves. Not to mention being the first one to bring up the idea of an OCS community. Thanks also to klgaffney and crotalus_atrox for encouraging the idea until it ended up happening. Currently in the care of ephemera_tales.

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