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everything is falling apart {this is your life}

swash swash buckle buckle!

10 August 1983
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lise. girl. 25. mind-boggling, isn't it?

& credit for paid time goes to the lovely, the fantastic, the phenomenal thysanotus, the equally swell saffronlie, and the always brilliant (and writes really good fic), lazy_neutrino, all of whom are absolutely gold and deserve to have love showered upon them. a lot.
& i made the ron mood theme, and if you want it, you can have it! all my icons are mine, and if anyone ever wants to steal any, then i'll probably let you. just tell me you're going to do it.
& resource post.
& pamelajoy has some FAB tutorials on her journal. go. see how fun it is to spend hours tweaking your journal layout.


100x100, 4815162342, 500won nougat bars, 7.49am trains, a list of 5, all-ron-all-the-time, amelie (she'll-change-your-life), anticipating summer, are you listening?, asaa!, asher lev, audience singing, being unnaturally squeeish, being-a-wanky-arts-student, boone is pretty, breathing the same air, brian/justin, buying taylor a razor, canon ron!!!1!!one!!, captain jack sparrow, channelling dom's spirit, cnnnn, dean/sam, driveshaft, dunedin, faffing about, fandoming with jen (msn-style), fanmixes, finishing essays, fremantle, grammar that is good, half-price carnegie's cocktails woot!, handporn (especially sam oh-boy!), hans jensen, hanson, hanson (x eleventybillion), harry/remus (sorry sirius), having 42 interests, html (geek), i'm-sorry-that-position-has-already-been-filled, inspector rex, irrational fears of bees, jack johnson, jackson 5, jake gyllenhaal, jamiroquai, jarad padalecki, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jim/pam, john irving, june 1 2005, lee chun soo, light comma sticks, liz and sal, looking for mr darcy, lost, lost i love you, lotr boys, lulla belle, macy gray, michelle williams, mmmbop, monaboyd, my isaver account, my name is phillip, napoleon padfoot, nelly furtado, night-time drives with shanna, onegin, orlando's naked back, paris (that never ends), peach-flavoured near water, peanut butter m&ms, phone calls from concerts, playing ipod solitaire, postmodern everything, pr0nifer, prison break, puppies on trains, queer as folk, rainy days, ralph fiennes, reese witherspoon, ron/hermione (het!!), rory/dean, rufus wainwright, rupert grint ♥, saluting people, sayid's running tackle, scabbers darling!, sean/elijah, shotgun shuts his cakehole, slash, snarry (preferably at school), squeeing with amy (hp-style), stalking hanson, stealing beauty, summer nights at liz's, supernatural squee, talking about nothing else, taylor and scarves, taylor said no, taylor's nail polish, tegan & sara, that hanson feeling, the north dance, the office us, the-world-is-an-amazing-place, theirloveissocanon, third eye blind, todd sampson, triple j, tt&mon, turn the radio up, underneath acoustic, valiant kimchi, vanilla coke, viggo/orlando, vkf, wallace, wednesday night tv, wentworth miller, wentworth!!1!, wincest, winter, world without sundays, writing, yip and doodle, 발리연트 김치