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Going to the Dogs!

Hi! (waves/wags) Thanks for stopping by. Drop a line to say "hello" will you?

I'm also Springwoof on Deamwidth, Springwoof on Insane Journal, and Springwoof on JournalFen (I don't check these last two very often), and finally, Springwoof on Tumblr. Baaa... (Wherever fandom goes, I follow, but I seem to be using the DW journal most often, so far.)

This journal will be used to occasionally post fanfiction scribblings, and associated blather about same. Most of my fanfic is of the Stargate:Atlantis variety, but I may dabble in other fandoms like Hawaii-Five 0 [gen, slash, and het--I have no shame]. Please be warned that the fanfiction herein often contains explicit sex and/or violence.

My stories are archived on Wraithbait, and also at An Archive of Our Own (AO3).

If you're looking for the fics by Leah & me together, we have a separate LJ for our joint efforts as well as several of Leah's solo efforts, leahwoof. Our joint stories on the Wraithbait archive are here.


Blanket permission to those folks who want to make podfic, drawings, or any other kind of artwork with my stories. Also blanket permission to remix, use my original characters in your own stories, or borrow an AU setting. Feel free! Have fun! It would be lovely if you would send me a link to the completed work so that I can visit and enjoy. Also, if you want to convert the text so that the story can be read in an e-reader or other device, you have blanket permission for it all.

That said, for stories written by myself and Leah, PLEASE CONTACT LEAH for HER permission, even though you have mine. She's very generous--but it's always good to ask, eh?


and that's enough about that...

The friends list is mainly a reading list that will be expanded or pruned as I have time to read stuff. That said, I will usually friend you if you've friended me (I don't check very often, though.) There is no agenda involved, adding/removing friends has no emotional component, so please don't be annoyed either way. If you'd *rather* be unfriended, just let me know & it will be done as soon as can be managed. Also, feel free to friend/unfriend at will. All is coolness.

Best wishes for your good day. Pet your pup, stroke your kitty, hug your family, kiss your spouse/beloved, do a good deed for a stranger. Go thou, and increase thy good karma....