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Stephanie's Ramblings

Rants, Memories, and Such

Number 6
2 April
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2ne1, 43 things, acid jazz, adult swim, agatha christie, alton brown, anime, antiques, aqua teen hunger force, aromatherapy, audrey hepburn, autumn, bagels and cream cheese, bass guitar, beading, beads, bento, bento boxes, bigbang, blue monday, brand new heavies, breakfast, bright eyes, c.w. henry elementary school, candles, cards, catcher in the rye, cats, cheese, chicken fingers, chinese, chinese food, chopsticks, chynna clugston major, comic books, concerts, crafts, cute boxes, diane ackerman, eastenders, eating, felicity, flea markets, flirting, fondue, food, friends, fruity smells, g-dragon, gerber daisys, globe trekker, groove collective, grrl scouts, gummy candy, ham, hangul, harry connick jr., hello kitty, home movies, hood college, incense, incognito, independent comic books, jazz, jim mahfood, john mayer, journals, k-pop, kitchen gadgets, kittens, letters, live music, love, manga, manya, margaritas, mary janes, mixed drinks, mozzarella sticks, music, mysteries, myths, nice people, nigella lawson, old movies, oni press, parker posey, parties, party girl, pepperoni, philadelphia, photobooths, pizza, pizzicato 5, polaroids, pretty things, primary, reading, rip slyme, road trips, rubber stamps, sandwiches, sanrio, seafood, shindigspot, shinee, simplicity, slave labor graphics, sleep, slurpies, smiling, smoked turkey, smoothies, sonja dawn, sour candy, spain, spanish, spring, st. lucia, stationary, stickers, string bass, sunny days, swimming, t.o.p, tablo, tea, tequila, the color blue, the prisoner, the seatbelts, thrift shops, travel, verbal jint, vodka, water ice, wit