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Schuyler Dade: A smile, two bangs, and a religion

26 August
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You have to understand, it is crazy like an abattoir inside this mask.

What's to know? I'm a tv fan, and an huge music fan. RIght now, I'm basically all about the bandom (FOB, Panic, AAR, Cobra Starship). I'm a Harry Potter fan too. And dueSouth and Eroica and Sentinel and Buffy and TPM and Andromeda and Smallville (though I go out of my way to avoid actually watching the program) and, um, whatever I can get my hands on. If you'd like, I'll share whose fault that is. I do write slash, but that really means nothing. It's perfectly normal. I probably read way more slash than I should, but at least I'm reading.

My bandslash fic is all saved over at jubileebanker. Come say hi!

My a-dorbs Panic Puffs layout is courtesy of justthisgraphic.