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Contents of overhead bins may shift during flight

Sarah Elizabeth
29 April
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This journal has been made primarily friends-only. I'm a girl known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, but I've decided that in the past my sleeves were perhaps just a touch too visible.
If you want access drop email or leave a comment. I tend to treat this as an actual journal so I often write a lot, and a lot of it might not interest you at all. You've been warned.

So, that disclaimer aside, who am I? I am Sarah (or Sarah Elizabeth or Sarahliz or sliz), an eclectic sort with a variety of interests and friends. I consider my personality nuanced, but not entirely discordant. I try to stay at least approximately internally consistant. I fancy myself a poet, though all too often these days I fail to write poems. I also fancy myself an academic, a less interesting identity perhaps, but one to which I fail to conform less frequently.

I am fiercly independent. I'm also loyal, and endearingly neurotic. At least I imagine that my neuroses must be endearing given that I have so many wonderful friends despite them.

I'm obsessed by understanding things: both the world around me and my own interactions with it. I tend to analyze everything. I imagine this is annoying, but people seem to get used to it eventually.

Mostly I'm just a driven graduate student with the occasional anti-social tendencies. Fortunately I enjoy my own company so it all works out in the end.

Am always looking for people who share my interests, passions, or demons. People who like food (either cooking or going out and exploring) are good too.