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sanitoid's Journal

Anne Hedonia
31 December 1978
Things are never what they seem.
Seen inside, a female 30 something attempts to document her opinions in response to the rapidly changing world.

$6.66, acupuncture, aga, alabama-grab-ass, alternative healing, amélie, apoptygma berzerk, architecture, autocrossing, ballet, beethoven, beetlejuice, bjork, blue, body piercing, boxes, caffeine-free diet mountain dew, candlelight, cats, cello, cerebral guys, cheese, chianti, christmas lights, clean sheets, clothes-fresh-out-of-the-dryer, coit tower, cooking, corsets, cynicism, daffodils, dark colors, dawn of the dead, december, delerium, dreaming, drinking pickle juice, driving, ergonomic keyboards, eyeliner, fishnet, fleetwood mac, flirting, france, french, gargoyles, gender-specific dreams, george romero, getting mail, glow-in-the-dark-stars, goth chicks, graphology, green beret, guns n roses, haight street, halloween, hockey fights, house plans, ice hockey, land of the dead, lime tic tacs, low-carbing, making up thought bubbles, metaphysics, mission district, music, my cats, nine inch nails, northern accents, nursing, opera, palpating pulses, paris, paulo coelho, philosophy, phlebotomy, photography, post it notes, pow!!!!!!!!, psychiatry, psychology, punctuality, racing, radiohead, rain, rasputina, reading, red wine, san francisco burritos, san francisco snow, san francisco weather, sarcasm, screeching tires, shyness, sleeping, snow, soc, sociology, spencer tunick, spread eagle, stars, straight teeth, swimming, the beach at night, the beatles, the nightmare before christmas, the sopranos, thunderstorms, tim burton, vampire movies, veins, venus hum, wearing black, wind, winter, wolfgang, yoga, zombies