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Explaining Myself to Myself

More for me than for you...

17 February 1984
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I swear in running speech. "Fuck" is another word to me to express feelings on something. I loathe phones; don't call me on one "just to talk." I'll make noises like a walrus going to war and want to hang up after 5 minutes.

If left to my own devices, I think too much. I need to talk things out, even if I don't feel like being social. I frequently forget how a satisified a good run or good conversation can make me feel. I'm trying to work out more to make up for it.

I enjoy my own nakedness, singing off key, populating my room room with art supplies, and otherwise trying to be freakishly clean. However, my room is in a perpetual state of clean-things-and-objects-on-my-floor. I'll probably wear all of my clean clothes before I get the chance to put them away.

I have an extra appendage known as a laptop. She has many accessories. I name my electronics and plants. I sleep with stuffed animals. I hate driving (and thusly don't have my license).

I once told my mother that I would rather live in a cardboard box and eat well than skimp out on groceries and be able to comfortably afford my rent. I meant it. I glean much joy from cooking for people. I take you falling asleep on my couch as a compliment.

Kindness and making people happy should be an official currency.

I am a geek. I get excited when I encounter other geeks. I game. I like computers. I read comic books and revel in a good movie. I've told boys squeekishly that I love them, simply because we had a good music, video game, or camera conversation. I love knowing how and why things works. I love building stuff. I'll paint your house if you make me dinner.

I'm a not-so-closet feminist. I collect quotes like other people collect bad habits.

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Shameless plug for a community I co-founded: The Fiddler's Green convention community fgcon.

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