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Questioning Everything

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I'm a biological anthropologist currently working towards a Ph.D. (Due to the ability of adviser to look up information on their university/students, I choose to not disclose where at).

I currently research in a skeletal biology lab as well as work in an osteology department of a museum for skeletal repatriation to native American tribes (again due to the same reason stated above, I choose to not disclose where).

I like to think on myself as a pretty knowledgeable person. Not in the art of spelling and grammar, unfortunately, but still very knowledgeable.

I'm a firm believer in science, which gets me into a lot of trouble. Not that I try to argue with people, but if asked my opinion I will not sugar coat it and will be very blunt.

I am also very open minded. I have studied the three major monotheistic religions and it is not uncommon to find me at a place of worship. But I am not religious, but an atheist.

While I am an atheist, I do believe religion and evolution can co-exist. I have a hard time seeing why they can not.

But evolution and religion are not the field of study I'm into. I'm into to skeletal changes due to biological, environmental, and cultural interaction.

I have been also told I have a very strong personality and very competitive.