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Confessions of a Liberal Puritan

(miss murchison made me do this)

18 January 1962
I am a Presbyterian minister and an ex-doctoral candidate in religion with interests in anthropology, psychology, Buddhist studies, and Christian theology. Dorothy L. Sayers (yes, the author of the Peter Wimsey mystery novels) is probably my favorite theologian, though I tend to think that "the drama is the dogma" (rather than the reverse, as in one of her most well-known essays). Currently I am preaching part time and helping my family after the death of my mother. My science fiction fandom started with reruns of the original "Star Trek" in childhood and the books of Andre Norton and now includes "Deep Space 9," "Babylon 5," "Xena," "Buffy," several of the films of James Cameron ("T2" and the director's cut versions of "Aliens" and "The Abyss"), as well as the novels of Lois McMaster Bujold, Diane Duane, and P.M. Griffin. "Star Trek" (TOS) was also my introduction to the wonderful world of fanzines and fanfic back in the 1970's, and I was unknowingly introduced to crossover fanfic by reading Barbara Hambly's delightful Star Trek novel ISHMAEL while I was in seminary in the 80's (I've re-read it almost annually since then, along with Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and some of my favorite Georgette Heyers). I stumbled on Jane Austen in 5th grade and read my first Georgette Heyer novels while living in Northern Ireland the summer after 6th grade (after reading FREDERICA for the first time there, I was hooked for life . . . though in later years I've re-read COTILLION just as often).
angel (ats), babylon 5 (b5), bible and popular culture, bollywood, buffy (btvs), cooking, crossover fanfic, cultural anthropology, deep space nine (ds9), diane duane, doctor who (dw), dorothy l. sayers, fanfic, gardening (edibles only), georgette heyer, history, lois mcmaster bujold, musicals, p.m. griffin, popular culture and theology, preaching, psychology and theology, science fiction and religion, star trek (2009), star trek (tos), stargate: sg1 (sg1), teaching (adjunct professor), walking, writing, xena (x:wp)