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If Sweet came to McKinley, would anyone even notice?

2015: Y'know, I'm just gonna plunk this on top of the old description. It's new fandom time, and has been for about a year. What's that fandom? Glad you asked! Avengers, specifically FrostIron, is unsurprisingly my current bliss.

It's led to a lot of introspection about what I like in a pairing and how that makes me kinda predictable:
Do we see any patterns happening here? I'm starting to...

(What? I'm slow!)

I wasn't expecting Glee to swoop in and sweep me off my feet when my Buffy days were winding down but it did. Damn that nefarious Ryan Murphy. Kurt/Blaine has eaten my brain, so that's where I'm at on Glee Street, but I don't hate other Kurt ships as long as there's no Blaine bashing. Basically, I ship Kurt/Happiness and ship it hard.

My great love affair with Spander ain't over but my writing in Buffy fandom will be as soon as Small Imperfection is finished. Thank you all for your companionship in one of the best fandoms ever for all these years.

My masterlist is here.

Story ratings range from 13+ to Adults Only, and all stories contain slash. Slash = homosexual content. If you're not an adult, you shouldn't be here. All characters portrayed in adult situations are consenting adults. All stories are works of complete fiction - which means they're stories, not a license to go out and imitate 'em. As they say on TV: kids, don't try this at home. No stories are intended to endorse, encourage or condone illegal activities. Please heed the warnings on individual stories, exercise some common sense and don't read any that may disturb your personal sensibilities. It's not my responsibility to censor myself for you but your responsibility to read the warnings, ratings, pairings and summaries before making an intelligent choice to read or not to read.

Joss and Ryan Murphy (and Fox) pretty much own the sandboxes. I only play in them. me = Not them.

I friend in a miserly way and defriend when I get overwhelmed. I like you! Really! Please don't take it personally. If I defriend you and it bothers you, just tell me and I'll refriend you. I'm not here to offend people or to go play in my corner all by myself.

And if you want to defriend me because you're only here for the Buffy fic, I'll miss you but there will be no hard feelings.