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In the Hobbit's Studio

Where Second Breakfast is Life.

2 December
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Age disclaimer: I am over the age of 18! Totally.

Contact Info: If you need to contact me for some purpose or other, just leave me a comment on my LJ or send me a message via the option on this profile page. I'll do my best to respond! OTL


(Ahem) Much of the higher rated picture posts will be friends-locked, either here or over at rahly_furverted. Most of what I draw is SLASH in nature. Please pay attention to the ratings and warnings, etc. '3'

The serious stuff:

The Disclaimer

Many of the artwork posted on this LJ will be based off of pre-existing series, stories, and characters. I do not claim to be doing anything other than just burrowing them for a little while for my personal enjoyment, with no intention of copyright infringement or monetary gain. Original artwork will be indicated as such while fandoms will be identified for fanart.

The Using of My Art:

If you'd like to do anything with my artwork (e.g. make icons, archive, etc), please give me the courtesy of asking for my permission first and giving credit where credit is due. For some of these pictures, I'll have drawn them for authors, so if need be, I'll point you in their direction for persmission to use.

Oh, and please, no hotlinking!

Friending: Oh, I feel so honored when people want to friend me, so by all means, friend away!!! Please don't feel slighted if I don't friend you back. I am a slug. Well, not really, but just as good as. ;3;

On replying to comments: I apologize if I fall behind or just give up responding to comments. Please know that I read each and everyone of them and I appreciate each and every one!

About me:

I'm a hobbit, with hobbit priorities in life (especially with the food). I love to read (and really, damn you, fanfiction, damn you). *never gets any work done anymore* I love to draw and when it comes to fanart, it is mostly slash. I also love to sing around the house...and work...and in the car. Loudly. *no shame-ish*

Lately, I've been a lurker that lurks, but I'm still floating around, I swear! *goes back to lurks*

About my shared art community:

Is the slightly less perverted partner-in-crime of myrafur in our joint art community, rahly_furverted!

Or, in myrafur's words: "Our fabulous art community! myrafur+red_rahl=OTP!"

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