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You may think you know, but you don't know

You know?

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Semi Friends Only
All talk of a fannish nature, including books, TV, Kdramas (my current obsession), etc will be unlocked. But all personal posts are being converted to friends-only, and will remain that way. It's not really that big of a change, as I'm not very big on talking about personal things online, but it does happen occasionally. For the most part, though, what you will find here is a lot of babble about whatever is striking my fancy at the moment (right now, for example, it's Nice Guy (which I am finally going to start watching because I know how it ends!), I Miss You (take all the tears and heartbreak in NG and triple it. I'm going to need to invest in more tissues), Full House: Take 2 (Bringing the crack since 2012. If this drama stays as deliciously amusing as it is now, I may just like it more than the first one), and American Horror Story (God help me, I am kind of in love with how batshit crazy this show is.)), plus book and TV reviews. Lately I have started playing PS2 games and watching LPs, so there will be talk of that as well. In case you haven't realized it yet, there will be a lot of babble. There used to be the occasional fic post as well, but that petered out. However, lately I have been finding myself with ~ideas, so you never know.

Gale Harold is speshul love, you know?

i"m in slytherin!