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The Shibumi of Samara's Samovar

a natural blend of reflections and ruminations

27 May
I am looking for friends, associates, and activity partners with whom to meme-swap, share experience and create spectacle (in a good way). I really love to play chess so if you think you might like to play then please don't hesitate to let me know.
adrienne rich, american indian, ancient cultures, animism, anthropology, archery, aromatic oils, art, audre lord, autism research, beatles, bellydancing, biographies and auto-biographies, blade runner, bonobo, bromeliads, buckminster fuller, cat stevens, ceramics, chaos theory images, chess, classic japanese art esthetic, coen brothers, coltrane, computers, conversation, costumes, crafts, da vinci, dancing, dead can dance, diaz, dolphins, domed dwellings, dream research, dune trilogy, edison, education, einstein, emma peel, energetic, eno, ethical virtues, ethnobotany, farscape, fencing, feynman, folk music, frederic pohl, fripp, futuristic extrapolations, games, gardening, gorillas, greenhouses, harold and maude, healthy, heinlein, herbs, hiking, history, hope, humor, huxley, imagination, indian food, intelligence, internet, japanese gardens, john lilly, joseph campbell, joyful, jung, klimpt, koi ponds, kurt vonnegut, kurusawa, le guin, leo kottke, leonard cohen, living green, love, loyalty, maria sabina, marshall macluhan, mary daly, memento mori, memes, mike oldfield, moby, mosaic tile work, mountains, multi-verse, museums, myth, nature, neil stephenson, odo, old books, opal assembly, orchids, origami, painting, passion, peter gabriel, photography, pixies, pj harvey, polyamory, pond ecosystems, princess bride, psychology, ray bradbury, reading, recycling, reflections, robert anton wilson, rodin, roses, rushmore, safe sex, science fiction, scrabble, secret gardens, seekers, segovia, shakespeare plays, sky cries mary, slyvia plath, sonnets, sustainable futures, synchonicity, synergy, tea, technomads and eco scholars, thai food, the fifth element, the matrix, the symbolists in art, tori amos, trance, van eck effect, walden two, weaving, whales, william blake, william gibson, world music, world religions, writing