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this is chien's journal

where she writes about everything and anything

9 August 1990
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I'm Chien. I write. I draw. I eat. I sleep. Nice to meet you.

I'm a college sophomore attending CSUF. We'll see where that takes me. : ) I mostly draw comics. This journal is a personal journal, so I do write extremely long and honest entries about my life. But it's also an art journal, and in it I post my sketches, commissions, CGs, and other things. I also use this as my doll journal and put up all photos I take of my and my sister's BJDs.

Chien / Colleen 19 August 9th, 1990
My dolls are Bart Allen (Unoa Lusis) and Kon Kent (LatiBlue Rucas).

My sister's dolls are Elliott (Hewitt II), Tim Drake (LatiBlue Rei), Jason Todd (LatiBlue Kahn-Mystic), Kendall (Angell-Studio Vera), Cass Cain (Minisup Yisol), and three nameless Custom House dolls.
Feel free to friend me, but I probably won't notice unless you let me know. Most entries are public. I very rarely make friends only entries.

Please do not take any of my art or photos from this journal without permission. It's just not nice. :(
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