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Pika's Rant Log

Upsetting the Harmonious Balance of the Universe, One Post at a Time

The Pika from the Black Lagoon
8 May 1981
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Offend your friends! Offend your family! Embarrass yourself in public!

I am the goddess of hellfire! I am the keeper of the EESAT swamp! I AM PIKACHARMA THE POKEMUTT! pH34r mY 1337 sKi11z, BEEOTCH. Er...something. *cough*

So what is a Pikacharma, you ask? A small woodland fandom creature? A lost refugee from a faraway planet who never got the memo that the 80's ended, Hogwarts isn't real, and "Starfleet Captain" is a slightly unrealistic career goal? A gigantic Pokemon nerd who realized only too late that haphazardly splicing the words "pikachu" and "charmander" together would result in a strange-sounding journal name indeed?

According to skelephant, a Pikacharma is this:

If you happen to see one of these creatures in the wild, rest assured it can be distracted and subdued by offering it skittles, sushi, 8-bit video games, or slap bracelets.

I'm 20-something years old, and a bit of a digital nomad. Harry Potter is my main fandom, but I also dabble in Star Trek, Thundercats, Tales of Symphonia, MST3K, X-Files, Pokemon, and the Matrix. I'm always open to meeting new people and making new friends, but THOU SHALT NOT SPAM TEH PIKA, or thou shalt be lampooned or quietly ignored. I AM female, but as far as you're concerned, I am NOT any of the following things: wet, wild, horny, slutty, ready to suck and fuck your manly rod, etc. I don't want to buy your crap or join your club, I'm not interested in your damn pics, and my password is nunna yer beezwax. I am a sinner, but I won't repent. So don't ask. Thank you, have a nice day, and remember, when you touch yourself, the saints cry. Goodnight. SHAKE, RATTLE, 'N' RANT, BAYBEE!

Proud to be a Slytherin at hogwarts_elite

Award graphics made by onthelever and bestowed upon me by the inhabitants of blood_serpent.

Anti Political Correctness Society. FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
Graphic by chaotic_whim

Tales of Symphonia is Love

Mithos is Schizophrenic Love

Slytherin is I really wanna get in your pants so I'll tell you I love you and then only call you again if I'm really horny.

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The Dirty Nerd Meme by PikaCharma
Refers to women's breasts as "dicebags"kasandaro
Makes lovers call them by their D&D character namegalaxynumber5
Prefers the Monster Manual to Playboy or Penthousevultureboy
Shags in time with DDR musicslinkyavenger
Does bad things with N64 Rumble Packskbnerd
Reads kinky Harry Potter slashficdancepsycho19
Writes kinky Harry Potter slashficforestwind01
Screams out "Kamehameha!" in the throes of passionserendipity1517
Gets the above reference and is turned on by itteknician89
Has orgasms that require a subterfuge rollmachaira_scribe
Hums Final Fantasy victory music in the afterglowdarktigger
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Dancing fanged Pika! Woohoo! XD XD
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