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Desperately Clever
18 August
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"first you have a thing, and then you have the name for the thing, and that is one thing too many"

that's pretty much how i feel about myself.

twenty-something slacker / bookstore slave with the required peircings, tattoos, and unnatural hair color wiling away her time in northern california and ofen wishing to be anywhere but here... aren't i just the picture of the neo-generation x nihilistic hipster?

not quite.

i'll never be cool, this is just a given and i like it that way.

i live in monochrome.

i'm actually something of a hermit and have pretty solid standards when it comes to the people i allow into my life. for someone who is admittedly not the coolest thing on wheels, this may seem a bit off-base, but cool or no, i'm not willing to accept less than i know i merit.

i often do away with capitalizing, and rarely use proper grammar or puctuation - i punctuate like i think and speak. this reads pretty much as it would sound if i were to stand on a box and rant.

i'm (also admittedly) something of a nut, and neurotic like you wouldn't believe, but i strive for balance, so hopefully i don't foam at the mouth (keyboard?) more than a couple of times a month.

get on my bad side and you'll likely live to regret it.

hell... read this long enough and you'll regret it period.

i have a bad habit of posting when i should be doing other things (like getting dressed for work).

i guess i am a slacker after all.

*~~this space for rent~~~*

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