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Fanfiction and Art by Naadi

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I am a writer and an artist, and this is primarily my creative journal for posting art and fiction, but it is also my personal journal, and will have entries about my life and other interests in general - like quilting or gardening and nature photography. :)

My Wraeththu artwork, Portrait of the Tigron, is on sale now on lots of pretty things in the Immanion Bazaar!

Links To My Work
Link to my Harry/Draco fanfiction on FF.net or AO3 or to all my fanwork (art and fiction) on my website.

The easiest way to see all my HP and H/D artwork here on LJ is to link to my Year in Review entries: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 or 2006. Older than that you'll have to search my LJ archive or memories - sorry! :P

I mod for hp_fringeart - a community for all HP fanartists, fanartivation - a support comm for fanartists, and for hd_fanart - a community for posting Harry/Draco fanart.

About Copying/Using My Art:

I love to share my Harry/Draco fanart, so all of my H/D art is open for use on-line as icons or LJ headers with proper credit given, or for individual use as desktop wallpaper, or, with permission, in other website applications. I would prefer that no printing of my work be made without my permission. All borrowed work (except for icons) must keep the Moonfeather Ink copyright logo intact. I do like to know when/where my work is used, so if possible let me know in a comment on the entry where the art is posted that it is being used - I'll probably get all bouncy and squeee. ;-)

Other artwork, most specifically, any original fantasy work, MAY NOT BE COPIED OR USED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

I'll be very happy to answer any question about using my work. Just comment here or send an e-mail to the address above. Thanks!

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I am currently unemployed, but I have worked most recently in employee benefits, and spent a large part of my working life in higher education/student services. I am currently pursuing my love of art and writing with the hope of becoming a published free-lance illustrator of my own books. I completed my M.Ed. degree in 2004 with a partial focus on GLBT issues in higher education, and I have 2 undergraduate degrees - one in psychology and one in fine arts. One of my original fantasy short stories, "The Promise" was published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine, and currently I have a strong interest in writing YA fantasy fiction that introduces/explores gay or gender issues. I've won awards for my artwork, and done a little magazine illustration. The most visible art I've done was the artwork for Sharon Stone's character in the movie Last Dance. My current goal is to illustrate books, and my dream is to write AND illustrate one or more of my own.

Favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction, favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Patricia McKillip, Dan Simmons, Nancy Springer, Diane Duane, Jane Yolen, Jim Grimsley, Ursula K. LeGuin, Guy Gaviel Kay, Michael Crichton and Scott Lynch. I also love Jane Austin and the historical romances of M.M. Kaye. Favorite fantasy artists are Michael Whelan and Kinuko Y. Craft, favorite non-fantasy artists are Janet Fish, John Singer Sargent and Maxfield Parrish to name only three.

I spend my free time reading and playing video games, or yes, reading and writing/drawing Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart. I've written some music as well. Favorite computer games - hands down, the Myst games. :)

About Friending: Anyone with an interest in my creative work is very welcome to friend me - that's what this lj is mostly about. Unfortunately, I am not able to spend very much time reading/commenting on livejournal because of my work, as well as many other, commitments. This means I will probably only friend you back if I get to know you, or I discover you are an author or artist whose work I want to keep track of. This is not meant to be unfriendly or exclusive in any way - I just honestly don't have time to read many things and I feel guilty when I don't have time to comment on my friend's entries. But I do promise to answer comments that are made here - and anyone is very welcome to comment. :-)

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