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Rien n'est parfait.

Et l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux...

Titsa Plentei

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Our fabulous shared art community! myrafur+red_rahl=OTP!
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Just a silly girl...

Married for nearly 17 years to felixfleeting, who is a photographer, and together, we have two girls named Jaq and Jill.

Thirty-something. (That's all you need to know.) Oh, and I doodle. Various fandoms. It's just good, clean fun!
This pretty much sums me up:

No friending policy, per se. :) Though, introductions are dreamy!

If I've friended you, don't feel obligated to friend me. I won't be offended! :D It just means that I thought you were neat-o, you dig?

Layout is a gift from my darling omgwtf, because he loves me! Art is my own.
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A Limerick of Us, by Jadarene!

These girls will get a good glance
From those lucky few with the chance
To see them roll by
In a mine cart all high
And wearing their red underpants ..............

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