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~Quizzically yours~

age disclaimer: i am of age for all things except club med (which i'm too old for).

friending: if you wish to friend this journal please leave a comment here to let me know who you are and where i might know you from. :~)

about my journal: lj is my happy place. i come here for fun, lovely girls and boys, good music and great friends. i prefer to avoid wank (except for the fun sort) and won't take part in fandom bashing. it is much more fun to help people find their squee.


harry potter: i came here for the harry/ron and trio love. george/lee drew me in and i will dabble in other ships if there is smooshiness and sexytimes and oh boys!!! to enjoy.

my potter fic is available at the quidditch pitch and certain pieces are under my tag on my journal.

bandom: bandom was my dirty secret for a while but i have been fully "out" for a few years now and have loved it, even though canon regularly breaks my heart. there is no use trying to list what i will read because for everything i've thought 'never' bandom has wiped lines away with a flick of a drumstick and left me wanting more. i hold a very special place in my heart for bob/spencer (and those two paired with various others), but nowadays read mostly brendon/spencer.

avengers: i read widely in avengers/marvel universe, but have a particular soft spot for agent coulson and enjoy clint/coulson more than pretty much everything else. #COULSONLIVES

others: once upon a time i was very monofandomish, but these days i enjoy reading a range of things, including teen wolf (but i don't watch the show), the social network rpf (um... haven't seen that film either), and even the occasional merlin story among others.

i do most of my reading at AO3.

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