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Celestial Kitten Paradise

The Dominion of MooncatX

24 December
A Celestial Kitten whose passions are reading, writing, and cartoon/animation and fantasy related artwork. Addicted to Second Life, and Slave to the Furry Horde (my cats). I am into many fandoms, the main ones are Gargoyles (from the Disney series) X-men (cuz Emma RULES) and the Dragon Cave (raising baby dragons and breeding the adults *^_^* FUN!!!) -- I like to play with online interactive 3D avatars *^_^* and can be found in Second Life as BLISS CRIMSON, and in IMVU as MOONCATX == I draw a bit, and I write a bit, and have a particular fondness for FEMSLASH ( fem/fem ) *^_^* But I like guys too (pets the guy friends)

Current project, original novel series, fan fics, cleaning the house, etc etc etc...