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Mousey Musings

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User Number: 13374801
Date Created:2007-07-14
Number of Posts: 252

Mousey is a wife, mother, roleplayer, and lover... the order of importance for these titles changes by the minute. She can most often be found on the internet, where she roams freely, and has been known to be friendly, when approached with a hefty dose of good manners, common sense, and chocolate. Oh yeah, and she's bipolar, and polyamorous, too. WARNING: will bite when provoked, especially when rudeness is involved. Approach at your own risk.
Strengths: Patient, caring, silly, sweet
Weaknesses: Overly emotional, somewhat clingy, out of shape, unsophisticated.
Special Skills: Nerd and cat herding, UN-level negotiations ability, mama-fu, very fast reader, ability to spot misbehavior a mile off, ability to get people to do impulsively strange things, +1 for any action involving snuggles, activate: cute trap.
Weapons: Rolled up newspaper, lectures, squeaky mallet, use of full names, the LOOK.
Alignment: Gender neutral.

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