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29 June
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I am Kieran, a 26 (AAAH I'M OOLLDDDDD *shrivels up*) year old male from Sydney Australia and have lived here since Inception.
I Work full time, take photographs, model and study psychology.

My interests range from technology, design and art to body modification, medicine, cars and fashion. I only wear black and silver and blue, and i'm obsessed with futurism - Something that is often reflected in my style, music preferences and artworks.

I'm blunt, witty and sarcastic, and definitely not one to sugar coat things. I tend to rant and rave and have a tempter that could rival that of a raging bull. I have no problem putting idiots in their place, however i'm usually nice unless provoked.

I've worked hard to build myself from the ground up - and in the process have learnt many truths about myself and the world around me. I have a distinct lack of interest in petty people who love nothing more than to turn needles into haystacks. if drama is what you're after - enrol in NIDA.

I don't consume animals, sing when driving alone and talk to myself far too often.

love me, hate me - it's all good.