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prozac nation_

story of a girl

25 January
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//Full Name:Joan Elizabeth Finneran
//Marital Status:engaged to long time love, Mark.
//Religion:Christian;attending Summit Baptist Church

//music:christian rock, modern worship, emo, indie, pop rock, punk, nu metal, etc. see bands listed below in the interests section.

//movies:malibu's most wanted, welcome to the dollhouse, the lord of the rings trilogy, harry potter, my best friend's wedding, SWAT, the recruit,etc.

//books:prozac nation, catcher in the rye, of mice and men, things fall apart, the new testament, cutting, the perks of being a wallflower, etc.

//shows:american idol, the real world, true life, roseanne, the newlyweds, the osbournes, steelroots tv, my big fat obnoxious fiance, punk'd, animal vets, animal cops, animal precinct, etc.

guide to this journal_

My name is Joanie. I'm a recently saved/converted Christian. I converted to Christianity from athieism in October. I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am on several medications and seeing a therapist. I used to have a problem with self mutilation and while it's mostly overcome, sometimes I relapse. I'm a sophmore at Southern High School. My fiance, Mark, is 18 and attending a nearby college after withdrawing from UNC Wilmington for personal problems of his own.

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